Custompainted Helmet

You need:

Tape( for cover.)
Chome color
Beige/silver color
(Bronze color if you want that rusty look) I also used some red color on one helmet for a more rusty look.



This is an old helmet.
Im going to do it in chrome with a rusty look.


Step 1:

Use sandpaper on the hole helmet.
If you dont want the line around to be scrated use the smaller black tape.

Step 2:

If you not already covered the lines around the helmet its time to do it now and
fll the rest with a wider tape.


Step 3: 

Spray over the hole helmet one lay with  the chrome paint.
 if you want it to look rusty spray some bronze/copper color and red spots on too.

or just a chrome look just spray the beige/silvermetallic color on instead.

Step 4:
Do the last lay in chrome again. Make it thick to make it look more rustic and a bit thinner so it doesnt get the wet, oily look.
Step 5:

Use the sandpaper again to make the other layers come trough.
Step 6:

when you are happy with the color use a matte or shiny layer to make the color hold.
And Finished!!