About me

Life is just like motorcycles. It´s all about rolling forward because the gear back doesn´t exist. 

 I`m Ida.
A Swedish girl living in the south-east part of Sweden along the coast. 
Im living a motorcycle lifestyle, wrenching and riding motorcycles together with boyfriend André.

My passion for motorcycels started when i was young, around 12 years old, i took dads old Puch Dakota and Suzuki and raced with my brother in the Swedish woods.
When i turned 15 and got a scooter on my birthday. I was so happy!! It was such a freedom feeling driving around, spending the hole weekends riding with friends.
Then after a couple of years school and car license got in the way so it took a while to sign up for that motorcycle license. 
And after some lifechanges i desided to go for it! One of my best dissisions ever!

Got my license in the autuum 2015  so i desided to wait for spring..and that winter was a loooong one!
Bought my first motorcycle the next spring.