Petrolettes 2019

A motorcycle festival for Women only!

Last year i was in Germany- Ferropolis at Petrolettes- Europes first motorcycle festival for Women. It was amazing weather and the cool place ferropolis is really awesome its a open-air area museum with industrial monuments, steel structures, event venue and theme park at the same time.

Wheels and Waves 2018

In Biarritz, France

The Castle run 2017

At Krenkerups Castle

The last weekend in May we packed our bags and ride to Denmark  Krenkerups Castle where The Castle run is.It´s a 3 days adventure hanging with old motorcycles and lots of motorcycle entusiasts. The tickets this year sold out in a couple of hours! Its an awesome event in a wonderful environment by the castle. 

Magic carpet festival

Denmark, Kopenhagen

An awesome event with old motorcycles. Happenings and meetings and party in the evenings. This year it was a cool dirt race and utside The fedtede fingre there was a bombin competition. They have a awesome place in the marina.

De fetede fingres garage.