Renault Master Camper van

We actuallt sold this van in October 2018 but because of the interest i decided to post our journey building it.

So we started by remove the big wall behind the seats.
And after that we painted walls ,doors and roof white.

Andre is very creative so he made our sofa/bed by himself. And fixed the floor too! 

We had an old wardrobe in the garage that Andre took and cut off so we were able to build over the wheel.

I bought some thicker fabric to sew in and cut off an old bed mattress in half to make a sofa. And after that i used some fabric to cover all the wood.

We created this nice leather hooks by take an old belt and cut in pieces. And some old screws to attach them to the cabinet. we also put a bigger one on the sofa and two on the kichendoors.

We used the hooks that was allready inside the car when we bought it to tie up the motorcycle.